What We Do:


-E-commerce store:

Launching a new e-commerce business but don't have an online store? We've got you covered! We'll build you a brand new e-commerce site featuring all of your products and photography to help you kick off the first step. If you so choose, we'll also continue managing your website, sales funnels, SEO/SEM, media production and more all on a monthly basis. This will is ensure that while you run your business, your site will continue looking fresh and updated for your customers, along with a full digital marketing campaign to power your brand.


-Conversion based paid media:

Weekly paid ad campaigns through Facebook & Instagram that drive traffic to your e-commerce store and encourage buyers to purchase products on your site! This will also include monthly campaign reports to gauge how well each ad performed and how to improve as the business adjusts! And remember, the targeting is extremely important, which is why we do in-depth research on your potential audiences and ensure that they are engaging with your content & purchasing your products.

-Bi-weekly consulting sessions:

A member from our e-commerce team will give you a 1-2 hour consulting session every other week to help educate you on the many nuances of e-commerce as well as digital & influencer marketing. This will help keep you up-to-date on new strategies and tactics to incorporate within your business to produce the best possible growth.

How We Bring Value:


When it comes to e-Commerce your marketing should be extremely results driven. But don't forget about the 'brand'. Advertising your products across the platforms that matter, bringing value to all potential customers, and encouraging that audience to purchase your products. We focus on helping you accomplish all three!

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**Package price may vary based on the specific needs of your business. This is determined by services added or removed from the plan Be sure to contact us by email or phone, located on our contact page, to inquire about these details**