Content Production

Our Approach:

Within this package we have one goal – to create content that works best for your business.  And today, that can be delivered with four different methods of communication; video, picture, audio, and written word. Producing this content means a lot of things; from working within the budget, the timeline, and target segmentation. What about the platform? We focus on adapting creative content that works uniquely for each platform with the proper distribution methods.

Creative Media Production: This includes monthly photography, videography, creative editing and graphic design. We produce all of the creative content necessary for your social media, ad campaigns, and even your website or blog if needed. Executing a proper digital marketing strategy requires a high volume of quality content and will be necessary for consistent growth.

In today's world of marketing and brand communication; "content is the cost of entry for relevance in our society." We work to produce quality content for virtually every social media platform at the rapid speed of culture-i.e., photography, videography, graphic design, etc. And not just the best content for your brand, but content that is backed by unique creative marketing strategies and tactics for boosted performance.


What we can offer:


Photo/Video Shoot

There is truly an art to shooting quality pictures and videos. Let our passionate, creative photographers/videographers work their magic on your photos/videos. We'll also provide you with quality editing to bring out the full potential in your pictures and videos. We’ll give you a month's worth of content to share with your followers, add to your website, or whatever you please.

Price: $329.99 For 2 hours. $50 per extra hour.

Our Story Video

One of the most effective things a small business can do is share their story. Your story will allow your customers to get to know you and your business better. We will create a professional video that we will feature on your social media platforms along with your website. The video will tell people what your business is about, how it was created, and give them a call to action.


Package Includes:

  • Filmed at any location (of your choice) 2-10 minute long edited video

  • We'll interview you so you don't have to worry about what to say!

  • We'll post and promote your video

  • You give the O.K.

Price: $279.99​-$399.99

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**Package price may vary based on the specific needs of your business. Be sure to contact us by email or phone, located on our contact page, to inquire about these details**