Gibaali is a melting pot of creativity. Here you will find content ranging from social media marketing to fashion design & cuisine. We embody a true entrepreneurial spirit, showcasing our vision through our many products and services. We are dedicated to giving our customers exactly what they need. At the end of the day, we are:

A Company, A Family, A Legacy.

Executive Leadership

I have spent the last few years of my life preparing a brand that represents my personality, values and creativity. Being Co-CEO of this brand I have learned that hard work is necessary to succeed. Gibaali is simply my way of finding & expressing my happiness.

Aymber Gibson
Founder & Co-CEO

With a degree from A&T State University & over 20 years in the accounting business, Christina brings the "know-how" and the experience that we need!

Christina Gibson
Senior Accountant

Helping build Gibaali & each of its many facets has been quite an experience. We're able bring value to our clients & customers while also growing a company that represents new opportunities & everything we love or believe in. I couldn't be more proud of what we've created.

Brandyn Gibson
Founder & Co-CEO

Mr. Bright has many years of experience in many different industries, but most importantly his reputation, influence, & connection with the community & business world brings a world of opportunities to the forefront.

Nicholas Bright
SVP  Business Development & Non-profit Liaison

our team

Joining the team in early 2016, Stephen has truly shown his value to the company through hard work, his unique eye for consumer trends, bi-lingual capabilities, and his ability to learn fast & execute the job. He is a true team player!

Stephen Im
Account Manager, Content Manager, Gibaali Revolve Contributor


Andrew Gibson owns his own media production business and works successfully for himself while travelling the country and partnering with brands for best-in-class media production. He has a unique talent & expertise when it comes to film and always delivers his work distinguished from any other.

Andrew Gibson
Senior Photography & Videography, Media Production Specialist
Young Man with Checkerd Shirt

Oliver, being a new addition to the team, has truly defined what it means to bring your "A" game! With his unique ability to engage with numbers, high-level thinking, comedic personality & his general outlook on business -- We're happy to have him on the team. 

Oliver Saht
  Data & Analytics, Consumer Insights, Account Manager

Aside from being a delightful person to work with, Alisha brings a level of professionalism, talent, work ethic, flexibility, and expertise that would prove valuable to any team. We're happy to have her be a part of ours!

Alisha Rodriguez
Account Manager, Creative Media, Web Design